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G J Walsh & Co.
G J Walsh & Co.
Businesses: Don’t forget, you have until 31 May 2020 to enrol for JobKeeper to claim April and May payments for your staff!

Make sure you’re ready to be reimbursed for JobKeeper payments by:
✅ checking both you and your employees meet the eligibility requirements, and
✅ paying your employees by the appropriate date for each fortnight.

For more info, visit
G J Walsh & Co.
G J Walsh & Co.
📰Calling all Small Businesses that have been affected by COVID-19!

The Queensland Government has released a COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program to assist small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. This grant offers up to $10,000 to eligible small businesses.

Act now - There is a limited number of funds that is available for this grant, so get your application in now.

What can the funds be used for?
- prepare for the safe resumption of trading in the post COVID-19 recovery
- access digital technologies to rebuild business operations and transition to a new way of doing business
- respond to online opportunities, where possible, to sustain employment and maintain potential for longer-term growth
- upskill and reskill business owners and staff to benefit from new technologies or business models
- embrace business diversification to adapt and sustain operations
- create or retain employment.

Eligibility criteria:
☑️ Have been subject to closure or otherwise highly impacted by current shutdown restrictions announced by Queensland's Chief Health Officer on 23 March 2020
☑️ Demonstrate that business revenue has been significantly impacted since 23 March 2020 over a minimum 1-month period due to the onset and management of COVID-19
☑️ Employ staff and have fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant
☑️ Have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) active as at 23 March 2020
☑️ Be registered for GST
☑️ Have a Queensland headquarters
☑️ Have an annual turnover over $75,000 for the last financial year
☑️ Have a payroll of less than $1.3 million
☑️ Not be insolvent or have owners/directors that are an undischarged bankrupt.

Only 1 application will be accepted from an individual ABN or a financial beneficiary of a business.

For further information, go to
G J Walsh & Co.
G J Walsh & Co.
🙌 Wow...A great job done by our Client Hype Project on their documentary work for Envoy.

Check out this trailer and give them a follow!
G J Walsh & Co.
Off the beautiful beaches, and amongst the beautiful coral reefs of Australia - lurks a deadly, indiscriminate killer. It’s thirst for blood kills thousands per year. It lies in wait for innocent victims to swim right into it’s mouth. It’s not sharks. it’s the Government Shark Control program.
G J Walsh & Co.
G J Walsh & Co.

Our client Rachael Sarra, an Ipswich local, and contemporary indigenous artist flipping the creative world on its head with her beautiful and modern take on her aboriginal art culture. She’s quickly becoming a household name, collaborating with the Queensland Firebirds as lead artist for the Indigenous dress design, featuring on Better Homes and Gardens Australia and most recently Frankie Magazine talking business and using Xero as her bookkeeping platform.

If you haven’t already checked her out, you can visit her Instagram @sar.ra or visit her website to purchase some of her art pieces.
G J Walsh & Co.
G J Walsh & Co.
Updates to the Stimulus Package - On Monday 30th March 2020, Scott Morrison announced further stimulus measures to further support businesses through our current economic climate. These measures have not been legislated as yet but we are providing an in-depth summary for your reference.

This update includes information regarding JobKeeper payments and direct links to register your interest in the package.

If you have any questions or would like a personalised assessment in relation to these matters, please do not hesitate in contacting our office.
G J Walsh & Co.
G J Walsh & Co.
We're here to help!

Check out our latest blog post for a comprehensive breakdown on the economic stimulus package.

Contact our office for a personalised assessment on how this may impact your business.